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hi thereee so im alex and im also really into photography and I was just wondering if u get inspiration from anywhere and if so where :) thanks !

So I usually ‘get inspired’ by photos on VSCO grid and sometimes from photography magazines :) Hope that helps you a bit!

Want to thank ya all!

425 new followers in six hours!!! That’s how radar works :o

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Hey, love the photo's, keep at it. and N 251 is on the radar.

Hey, thanks a lot! Still can’t believe I made it to the radar. Amazing!

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hey what kind of camera do you use

Canon 550d :)

iPhone 4
N°253 - inside a wave

N°253 - inside a wave


Checked out my blog like 15 minutes ago and N°251 pic has now almost 2000!!! Plus over 200 ppl followed me :o Do you think it could be Tumblr Radar?

PS There is now over 4100 of you. Big thanks to all!

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where do you take all these pictures they're so beautiful omfg

Thank you so much! I shoot everywhere I possibly can c:

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Thanks! :))))

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Hey, I really like your Pics!! They are breathtaking !!

Thank you :»