250 Warsaw

My 500th post!


N°248 - Tour de Pologne





A message from photosofeveryday
Hi! Thanks for the follow and I love your photos!! :)

Thank you! Your photos are great :D

A message from carelesstimes
Oo your photos are great😊

Awww thanks :»>

My legs hurt

Had a lovely walk around Old Town in Warsaw with some friends and Zenit.
Photos soon to be printed!

A message from just-beccause
You take lovely photos. xx

Thanks :) x

A message from whatevs-dunno
Wow you really have talent, do you study photography or is it just a hobby?

Nope, I don’t study photography, I take it as a hobby.
I watch drtv on youtube (a lot), read some geeky magazines, check out vsco grid and others work.
Cheers! :>