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Your photos are fantastic! Absolutely amazing

Thank you c:



N°244 - Jungle(analogue)

N°244 - Jungle

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What camera do you use? Your photos are spectacular! And also, can you recommend a starting out camera?

Thanks a lot. Camera I mostly use is Canon 550d/Rebel t2i with kit 18-55mm lens or with 50mm f/1.8. I also have Zenit 12xp (it’s analogue) and I started using it about a month ago. You should probably do some research about entry-level cameras. I can only recommend you Canon because I don’t know so much about Nikon ones. I think Canon 700d or 60d would be a great option! Hope I helped you a bit ;)

N°243 - Rosie(analogue)

N°243 - Rosie


Just received the prints from my Zenit. My first analogue shots! Groovy!

N°242 - Lavender

N°242 - Lavender

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Wow your photos are amazing! I love them

Thanks, that means a lot :>


O-m-g! It’s over 3500 followers now :O

Love ya all  


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